Diagnostic Analysis

Diagnostic Analysis

Electronics are the heart of

The electronics of your car are the lifeblood of your car controlling everything from your engine to lightbulbs. Understanding how the complicated network interacts and to be able to decode this information, not just the fault codes, but the pulses & voltages between various components is the key to a successful diagnosis & repair.

All too often we have customers who have come from a workshop or dealer who just replaced expensive parts based on fault codes alone to have the issue return. Fault codes provide a glimpse, a clue, at what is wrong with the car but only on occasion point to the solution.

Our technicians have the know-how and experience in being able to dig deeper to find the root cause of the issue. Don’t settle for a workshop that just replaces components – get a second opinion at Autologic!

It is not uncommon for vehicles to be repaired at Autologic with no parts used.
We seek to not only look after your car properly but also to mitigate the costs, many of our long term customers certainly agree that their annual cost of ownership is less with Autologic and the cars are kept in good condition.

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Unrivalled Diagnostic Capabilities

From a light on your dashboard, a hard starting engine or misbehaving air conditioning, Autologic will help you out!

Lower Cost of Ownership

Enjoy lower cost of ownership by understanding what needs to be replaced and what can be fixed

Peace of mind

A full history with diagnostic analysis along with the experience of our technicians makes sure we cover all facets when it comes to looking after your BMW.

Autologic BMW – the experts others come to

Our high-end customised tools in conjunction with 40 years of experience give you an informed solution – the best solution. That’s why owners throughout Victoria trust Autologic with their BMW.

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